Artist: Manjiree Manolkar

I am a self-taught artist born and raised in India. I have spent enough adult years in India to be firmly rooted in Indian ethnic traditions. That experience has made me extremely aware and passionate about colors and forms. Today I live in Boston as a part of this global village.  As I live each day with intention, modern life and it’s complexities affect me. My everyday experiences together with the lasting impressions of moments spent in India define who I am and how I express myself as an artist. My traditions have nurtured me but I find it essential to give them a meaning that is my own.


The eternal story of Mother Goddess is one of the recurring themes in my paintings. Durga is a popular Goddess who single-handedly killed the demon Mahishasur, who represents evil forces that threatened to destroy the very existence of the Gods. In my paintings it is a metaphor for modern woman who fights her ownbattles every single day. Her stories are about basic human concerns like good and evil, victory and defeat, downfall and redemption. But they are also about all the things in between these extremes. They are about ambiguity.


The painting heritage that inspires me the most is Indian miniature paintings. My paintings use figurative imagery of the miniatures. Paper and gouache are my choice to convey my ideas. I am currently using silkscreen printing. I remain open and curious to try different techniques so that I am not inhibited in my creative expression. I aim to develop my visual language so as to reach people across cultures, borders and times.


I am a management graduate and a part of elite Public Service in India. My paintings have been exhibited in Connecticut and Massachusetts  and can be viewed in the Art Gallery section of this website. You can reach me at