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OUR  VISION              
With certain noble motivation, Snehalaya has started the adoption center. Since 1989  Snehalaya institute has been working for the most neglected and deprived class of the society. The victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking  (Women and Children), The off springs of the prostitutes and HIV + ve families and HIV +ve are looked after through various activities and  movements. The institute runs Balgriha, Balsadan  free of cost hospital & Orphanage. In slums, We run Balbhavans for  awakening programs, based on education and health issues. All these activities are purely run on donations and voluntary support from the public.
            For these children, to face the future world engrossed with competition and  selfishness a loving home  with affectionate parents is the urgent  and reaching the institute for rehabilitation from various strata of the society. With a view to meet these challenges,  Snehalaya has started mission ‘Snehankur’.
            Snehalaya also accepts the responsibility of rehabilitation of the unwed & raped mother. Her  mental, physical and social problems are cared by the Snehalaya. Also Snehalaya offers vocational training to victim women. We have more than 200 success stories of the unwed mothers and raped victims reintegrated in to families.


  • The  process of ‘Adoption’ is  fully legalized and carried out through procedure laid down by law.
  • Full secrecy is observed about the child & his parentage, so also of the past & future with full sense of responsibility.
  • Every child is provided with high quality medical help under the guidance of qualified pediatricians.
  • The staff and workers of Snehalaya are well trained experienced and competent.
  • Expert counsellors. Offers their services to the institute whenever needed to satisfy all enquiries by parents desiring to adopt child.

What is Adoption  ?
Adoption is a process by which a child who has been abandoned or relinquished is given to a safe, secure & loving family through legal process.

Who can Adopt ?

  1. A Couple who can not have their own biological child.
  2. A Couple who have only daughter of son. They can adopt opposite sex child.
  3. Hindus, Buddhiste, Jains & Sikhs can adopt under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act. 1956
  4. Non Hindus Like Christians, Muslims, Parasis, Jews can take a child under the Guardianship & Wards Act 1890
  5. Adoption of Destitute children has also been facilitated non under then new Juvenile Justice  (care and Protection of Children ) Act. 2000

Criteria for Adoptive Parents

  1. The adoptive parents should have a reasonable & regular source of income which can support the needs of a child within a family.
  2.  Neither of the parents should have a major illness that would come in the way of parenting.
  3. Neither of the parents should have a criminal record.
  4. The composite age of the adoptive couple should not exceed 90 years.
  5. Single parents upto 45 years can adopt too.

List  of Documents Required for the Adoption Process

  1. Birth  Certificate / School leaving Certificate / Election identity card of both parents.  If these documents  are nit available then affidavit  on 100 Rs. Stamp Paper is essential it should be notarized.
  2. Marriage certificate if this  certificate is not available the parents can submit affidavit which is notarized on the Stamp paper of rupees 100/-
  3. Reference Letters:
    Letters of 2 friends and relatives in witch it  is should mentioned that from  how many years they are know to adoption parents. Their nature and how they are fit for adoption (original from).
  4. Recent HIV test (Eliza) reports-Original.
  5. Gynecological report-letter of  gynecologist, they should mention that from how many days couple is taking treatment reason of infertility how they are fit for adoption.
  6. A) For employees-pay slip and yearly income certificate-Xerox.
    B) Businessmen’s Income tax returns documents and pan card-Xerox.
  7. Certified copies of Investment documents L.I.C. Policies, Bank Pass Book other Investment documents of ownership of house.
  8. Municipal tax receipts, light bill, Ration Card-Xerox.   
  9. 4 Colored post card size photographs of the adoption parents.
  10. Undertaking affidavit of the nearest younger relation of adoption parents in case   of any  mishap happens (Notarized and original)
  11. Police Stations report as no crime has been registered against the adoption parents-Original.
  12. Following documents along with the proper certification are essential for the primary process of adoption.
  13.  Needs 1 original & 3 Xeroxed, Certified Copies of all the documents for the submissions.

Please note that the reverent documents of both husband & wife are needed.

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Even your small help can change the destinies of some of underprivileged children & women. It gives you the immense satisfaction to realize that your life has become meaningful & useful to others.

We request you to join this mission.




























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