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Snehalaya launched India’s first private helpline for women and children in distress in 1996. Later in the year 2003, Snehalaya accepted the responsibility of the collaborative organization of the national Child Line implemented by the Union Ministry for Women and Child Welfare (1997). Child Line is a 24-hour toll free help line for the children in distress all over the country. A toll free number "1098" is used by the children for this purpose. Of the total 74 Child Lines in India, the Ahmednagar Child Line is being recognized as the most well run unit in the country. On an average 250 children in distress from Ahmednagar and surrounding areas seek help from this project daily. Snehalaya has also been successful in exposing sex scandals and other child exploitation scams with the help of Child Line. Snehalaya’s efforts and commitment to make Ahmednagar free from child exploitation of all kinds has given a new lease of life to numerous child laborers. Snehalaya has also been able to garner public support for over 40 children afflicted by cancer, thlesemia and heart diseases.

It is a help line / call center for support of children in need. This project is run under scheme of Center Government. Nearly 237 girls and boys were helped in the last year by Ahmednagar Child Line. The cases include, mental support to them and their repatriation. This team also supports in counseling and rehabilitation of rescued minor girls. In today's money-minded society, there might by very few parents and other people like school teachers who cater to the needs of children. This has resulted in unhealthy mental and physical condition of kids. And ultimately this leads to runaway cases, luring cases and child molestation cases. Child Line tries to Sort out Such problems by timely intervention.

Missing Children

Abused Children

Runaway Children

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All Children in need of Care & Protection.


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Even your small help can change the destinies of some of underprivileged children & women. It gives you the immense satisfaction to realize that your life has become meaningful & useful to others.

We request you to join this mission.

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