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Snehalaya started India's first free of cost Community Care Center in red light areas of Bhagat and Chitra lane in Ahmednagar city in 1989.  Snehalaya was working on various aspects of the victims of commercial sexual exploitation and Trafficking (VCSE & T), health was one of the most important aspect.  A small STI clinic was started in front of Chitra lane in Municipal School for VCSE & T.   

In   1992 the medical officers of Snehalaya were found the HIV infected woman in Chitra lane.  She was expelled from the brothel; she did not have money for food and medicine.  Hence she was still involved in flesh trade and having unprotected sex with costumers in hotels/lodges at Central Bus Stop. Dr. Girish Kulkarni brought that woman to his own house and started the medical treatment.  Day by day the patients including destitute HIV positive children from red light areas were increasing, so they had been shifted to Snehalaya's Rehab. Centre at M.I.D.C. and the separate ward was started for PLHAs from red light areas.  Dr. Marcia Waran was taking care of the patients without any hesitation; no other doctor was ready to give even prescription to the HIV positive patient that time.                   

People living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA) require a range of HIV services including care, treatment and support depending on the progression and stage of the HIV infection. The progression of the infection and consequent weakening of the immune system will result in PLHAs (People living with HIV/AIDS) is being vulnerable to various opportunistic infections.  The PLHA will require care and treatment for opportunistic infections (OI) and some of these illnesses may require in-patient care in a hospital or other centers that provide this facility.

Under the National AIDS Control Programme Phase- II, 122 Community Care Centers (CCC) were set up to provide treatment for minor OIs and provide psychosocial support through sustained counseling. CCCs were intended to function as a bridge between hospital and home care. Hence, CCCs were envisaged as stand-alone short-stay homes for PLHAs.

The introduction of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) has brought about a change in the role to be played by the CCC. The CCC needs to be transformed from a stand-alone short-stay home to playing a critical role in enabling PLHAs to access ART as well as providing monitoring, follow-up, counseling support to those who are initiated on ART, positive prevention, drug adherence, nutrition counseling etc. The monitoring of PLHAs who do not require ART yet (Pre-ART care) will also be a critical function that needs to be carried out by CCCs.

Under NACP III it is proposed to set up 350 CCCs over the period 2007-12. PLHA networks, NGO and other civil society organizations need to promote setting up of CCCs to strengthen community care and support programmes. The CCC will be established on priority, in districts which have high levels of HIV prevalence and high PLHA load. Karnataka Health Promotion Trust appointed Snehalaya as a service provider from April 2008 and providing funds for 10 beds with technical support and linked with ART Center (Civil Hospital, Ahmednagar)      

Karnataka Health Promotion Trust is a sub-recipient to the National AIDS Control Organization for the implementation of Community Care Centers in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The initial contract for implementation is for the period Jan 2008 to June 2009. KHPT has a mandate to establish, support and monitor 77 canters within the two States.

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Even your small help can change the destinies of some of underprivileged children & women. It gives you the immense satisfaction to realize that your life has become meaningful & useful to others.

We request you to join this mission.


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