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Research Topic

You can do Research with the help of Snehalaya on following issues.
Mental - Moral & Social


The Research students of sociology can choose following subjects for the research.

A] Social background of the victims in red lights areas in Ahmednagar on high bouning distnicts or Maharashtra (India).

B] The social reasons forced penticulen social sections (Sub caste, caste, religion etc.) to be in prostition. The study can also include the cultural systems like Devdasi etc.

C] Unbanisation in Maharashtra & New growing trends in prostitution.

D] Study of clients coming to red light areas.(based on their education, age, economic groups etc.)

E] The similen study of Eunuchs, Men having sex with men (MSM), Lesbians etc.

F] The Proess of social veintegration  of VCSE  & T(Victims of commercial  sexual exploitation trafficking). An experriments of snehalaya & other N.G.O.s.

G] The social problems of HIV-AIDS positives, role of media, N.G.O.s &  govt. central &   state govt.

H] The   social problems of HIV Positive women & children.

The social study of the women dancing in various kalakendras

Psychology –

The researcher can study the psychological problems of HIV positive women, children, prostitutes, eunuchs, nursingstaff, N.G.O. staff., Doctors, Govt. machinery.

Economics –

The economic conditions of the VCSE & T . The process & attempts of economic empowerment (SHGs) of the VCSE&T. The study of economic background of the VCSE & T., The economically backword geographical areas of the India & neighbouring countries which are the source areas of trafficking.

Law/Women & Child welfare

Researcher can study the gap between the existing laws, practice on laws, judicial approach, the role of police,C.W.C. , J.J.B., Govt. systems like state dept. of women & child welfare, central dept. of women & child development , in rescue & rehabilitation process. The study of child Rights – women rights . It`s practical impact on ground realities. Etc. The case studies of child & women sexual abuse & trafficking & the judicial process. Proposed new laws & its impact on community.

The Process of social change, Ground social work & work within Institutional frame work.-

The students of colleges of social work- research students can study the process of social change, role of N.G.O. , media, govt. civil society etc. To run an registered N.G.O. , is not only a matter of passion. But one has to understand the rules of Mumbai trust  act, society act, etc. within which the N.G.O. has to work. Any one can choose the study of the institutional frame work & impact on the work.


The researchers from the medical field have the  tremendous scope for the research. The impact of various old & new drugs on the HIV-AIDS positive major patients is the unlimited area. For children, we can take the permission of child welfare committee. & then can do the research.

Education –

The educational problems of the children from red light areas , HIV positives , can be studied. Study of impact of vocational training on VCSE & T.

Politics –

The issues related with political socialization of the issues related with VCSE & T. The approach of political system about the issue of VCSE & T.

Languages –

The prostitutes use many different words, terms, phrases during the conversation. The research of their language, the study of various literatures on the prostitution, women & child abuse, the biographies or autobiographies, can be a subject of reaserch.
The study of Corporate Social Responsibility & some specific corporate can be a part of the management research.

Projects of Snehalaya
Rehabilitation Center
Commmunity Care Center
Snehjoyt Mukta Project
Snehankur Adoption Center

Even your small help can change the destinies of some of underprivileged children & women. It gives you the immense satisfaction to realize that your life has become meaningful & useful to others.

We request you to join this mission.





















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